Patients who have lost all or the majority of their teeth can replace their teeth with complete dentures or partial dentures:

  • Partial dentures replace one to a few missing teeth. They use a metal frame to clip on to your natural teeth.
  • Full dentures replace all of your teeth. 
  • Implant-secured dentures mount onto implants that are surgically embedded in your jaw, which improves chewing up to 90% compared to traditional dentures.

Removable Implant Dentures / Overdentures

Most people struggle to use dentures because they move when the patient eats and speaks. When all teeth need to be replaced, one of the options with the best return on investment is the Implant Overdenture. With the implant overdenture you don’t have to worry about your denture slipping, becoming loose, or falling out while talking and eating.

Implant Overdentures are also called “Snap-On Dentures” because the mechanism to connect the denture to the implants. This “Snap Assembly” provides stability (prevents movement front to back and side to side) and retention (prevents the denture from moving away from the gums).

How do implant overdentures work

This is a multi-step treatment process:

  • First, dental implants will be placed into the jaw and left to adhere to the jaw bone for about 2 months this allows the bone to grow to the implant at a cellular level.
  • Then, customized set of overdentures will be created for you to comfortably fit your mouth and replicate the shape and color of a natural set of teeth.
  • Finally, the overdentures will be attached to the implants for a secure, non-slip fit and worry-free teeth. 

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